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Hi there Intertube influencer!

If you’re seeing this page, first my thanks for clicking on the link, I know how over-solicited you must be!  Before we go anywhere, this page is not indexed by search engines or in the sitemap, I decided to offer a bit of personal information I’m not yet comfortable publicly sharing at large, I’m sure you understand.

1st time we met!

Right now I’m a stay at home dad (yes we do exist) supporting the household since February 2018.  I quit the tech startup I co-founded & got Cooper.  Why?  Because our teenage daughter needed us to help out in these really hard & trying times for her.  She’s been diagnosed with ADD & acute social anxiety and was in really bad shape.  Now it’s all under control with therapy, medication & Cooper!  Guess what, the apple does not fall far from the tree, I’m now in the same setup.  Please note that Cooper is my 1st dog ever.  Loving it he turned the family around for the best!

So I have time on my hands, and am in a situation where medically I can’t work.  Being the type-A personality get things started type, I got this thing going.  Might as well use my experience & free time to do some good.

What my ask is: can you (pretty please with sprinkles) talk about our fundraiser?  Fully understand you spent a lot of time & resources building your audience, if you decline to lend a hand it’s all good. 

I’ll send you a FREE bandana to thank you and if you can post a pic of your pet with it linking back to Cooper’s site that would be epicly pawsome. Just fill the form below! I’ll even ship it free, no shenanigans!

If you want to help, you have my thanks plus Cooper’s sloppy kisses!  A post, mention, retweet or something would be so appreciated.  I made a page with some artwork you can use if you want, it is right here.

Thanks again for taking the time!!!!

JP Hebert, flawed dad and now dog lover!

PS: if you wanna chat before doing anything don’t hesitate, here is how to reach me:

  • Canada phone: 514-319-0175
  • US phone: 802.448.4799 (am a self-assumed geek this phone # will ring my mobile)
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Jean Pascal Hébert (for Messenger)
  • Skype: jphebert


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