You have questions?  Cooper’s got answers!

  1. When do you plan to ship us the said sexy bandanas?
    • We expect to ship about 30 days from launch, or so we hope, to hit a bit of volume and reduce prices so the donation will be more pawsome.  More to come here on that.
  2. Do they work on other critters, say cats?
    • Yes and for cats, sadly yes.  Pesky cats no likey Cooper no wanna play with Cooper.  Sad pup. We’re convinced this also words on bunnies, goats and little sisters.
  3. So I have these pics of my sexyfied bandana pets do you want them?
    • YES!!!!  Bear in mind (hehe bear, roar) that we’ll be posting them with your handle on social media so other hoomans can tell you how good you look.
    • Just fill this form & presto!  Rabbit out of a hat! 
  4. What about the moneys?
    • 100% of the net proceeds will be given to CVCR, in fact the main hooman will publish a spreadsheet to show how we’ve done.
  5. And other designs?
    • Let’s see how well this shenanigan does, and yes odds are we’ll do more!
  6. If we’re a rescue and want to get moneyz from Cooper to keep’on truckin’ on our end?
    • We’ll do a “everybody gets a turn” type process, but after the 1st one to see where we erred.
  7. Hey I wanna talk about this to my friends and on social media, can I?
    • Well, duh, YEAH!  Please spread the word, but no Spam (although dogs might like to eat that..)
    • Please point all them online beings towards www.cooperthemutt.com (you’re here now silly!)
    • If you want to add a pic to your post/message here are some we recommend you use:
  8. What if we have comments/suggestions/ideas/whannasayhi?
    1. Easy peazy!  Just contact us here, we’ll get back to ya as soon as we’re back from our walk or pup park!