Meet Cooper

  • Birthday: June 2nd 2017
  • Adopted: March 5th 2018
  • Male, single & loves walks on the beach at sunset and any other type of walk really
  • Enjoys food, but not too many types of vegetables.  That’s rabbit food after all.
  • Sociable critter, he loves to hang and play with his pawsome buddies at the local dog park
  • Hooman warning: Cooper loves to kill people so if you are within reach of his tongue you’re doomed.

Cooper is your quintessential average ordinary adorable mutt.   His story is quite simple, he’s a rescue from Champlain Valley Canine Rescue (CVCR), who rescued his pregnant mom from a high kill rate dog shelter in South Carolina.  When CVCR got her, they helped with the birth process delivering a total of six healthy pups.

Cooper was adopted by a local family who already had a corgi, and the brother decided he did not want to have a sibling, so Cooper (was then called Dylan) was returned to CVCR to be readopted as things did not work out.

His furever dad was looking for a good pup from a rescue organization and when he saw this pooch listed he immediately inquired as he was within his 2.5 hour driving radius to find the “right dog”.  And it was love at first sight as the true owner, is 15-year old daugther got a massive amount of kisses from the canine candidate.

Cooper now lives with is hoomans in Montreal, Canada and is making tons of friends.  And kisses lots of hoomans too!  He’d love to play with cats but for some reason they run away every time.  Oh well!!

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